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Software Re-engineering
Legacy software that resides in (i) devices or systems that have yet to be commercialized or (ii) established commercial products, can often be a challenge to manufacturers when software development (or maintenance) is required; which is often driven by system anomalies, component obsolescence, regulatory or market needs.
Often little or no documentation exists for the legacy software, the architecture and design may be outdated or obsolete and the original developers may no longer be available. The software may also contain or consist largely of off-the-shelf (OTS) software which is considered Software of Unknown Provenance (SOUP).
C-Path specialize in re-engineering of software systems and offer services ranging from gap analysis, minor bug fixes to porting of legacy software to a new platform and complete redesign of system architecture.
C-Path provide software maintenance services that ensures changes made to your software products are properly controlled, documented and validated.
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